Tôi (cố gắng) nghĩ dù có đang trong tình trạng tồi tệ nhất thì "Bây giờ/Hiện tại là (tốt) nhất."

Miyazaki Aoi

Ừm ^^

Hiện tại như giờ là nhất.

Tui nghĩ chị cứ như thế đi ♥

Thứ Ba, 7 tháng 9, 2010

[Aoichan] Bookmark Aoichan's clip [update]

RIP SLYME 「Tales」宮崎あおいversion

Tokyo Metro - Tokyo Heart! Aoichan is the main model.

Su-Ki-Da, - Dear Blue (Fan Trailer)

Suki-da [Lời yêu]. The song is written by Yoko Kanno. Love it!

【宮崎あおい】 映画 「EUREKA」 ~サヨナラCOLOR~ 【 ♪ 】

Love this MV, love this song. This song makes me think it is the theme song of Eureka for real - the movie I like so much. Peharps, I couldn't have understood the meaning under frames and script of this film.

Ngu quá, nói tiếng Việt cho lẹ... bài hát có gì đó day dứt, kéo dài. Và những cảnh bé Aoi trong MV này thực sự làm mình... thích ơi là thích.

【宮崎あおい】 「OLARE」 & 「foto por favor」 【♪イメージDVD】

This link is just a cut version. Mexico - shinny days and [my] shining girl

Aoichan traveled to Mexico when Aoichan was 18 years old. I admire but also feel jealous T__T. She's fresh and active girl. She really really loves photograph. I can see she takes her camera all day long. Tourist guide is friendly. I enjoy the way she counts the stairs when she goes to the pyramid on foot. Also feel funny when she falls asleep... Finally, when they say farewell with each other, Aoichan looks like a kid when she suddenly moves to tear. Lovely ne!!!

Luckily, I have downloaded this clip [raw] in clubbox because it hasn't existed and may be removed. Hahaha.

Mình mà tới trình òi phải sub cái này >"<. 2 bà siu dễ thương >"<
宮崎あおい・蒼井優 キレイになる理由篇 (approx.0506)

宮崎あおい OLYMPUS E-30 アートフィルタースペシャルムービー Photologue

Feel little sad...

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